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And For That Reason was initially a segment introduced on the Easy Allies Podcast that spun off into a standalone 6-episode Patreon-exclusive show.

Podcast Segment

And For That Reason was introduced in the 100th episode[1] of the Easy Allies Podcast in which Patrons sent a pitch for an imaginary game and the panel decided if they're into it or not, explaining their reasoning and ending their statements with "And for that reason, I'm in", or, "And for that reason, I'm out", depending on their choice.


After its final appearance on episode #107[2], it was later announced on Better Stuff Before E3 that due to popular demand and the sheer amount of entries, it would be promoted to its own Patreon-exclusive 6-episode show. It finally premiered during the last day of the EZA E3 2018 live coverage on Twitch, where the first episode was streamed for everyone to see.

The show follows a format similar to Dragon's Den, where Patrons send a video of their pitch explaining the concept and rules of their game. The Allies would then analyze said pitch, and discuss whether it is a viable financial option or not.

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