Animal Crossing Island Hop is a series of streams that follows Brandon Jones as he takes a tour of the islands of fellow Allies and community members in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch.

The stream premiered shortly after the game's launch during EZX Digital, the four-year anniversary celebration of Easy Allies.

Island Tours


In the first Island Hop stream, we were introduced to the islands of several of the Allies that started playing the game after launch. All of the Allies joined together online to explore each of the islands together.

The following Allies' islands were toured on stream.

Ally Island Name
Kyle Bosman Galore
Ben Moore Foxhound
Ian Hinck Lente
Daniel Bloodworth Skellige
Bradley Ellis Gold Saucer
Brandon Jones Elandar
Amanda Troop Troopical

Community Members

Following the Ally island tour, over 160 island submissions were sent in by the community for Brandon to visit on stream. He began streaming at various timeslots to accommodate the availability of community members in different timezones and spends 10-15 minutes at each location.

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