Better Stuff Before E3 was a 9-hour marathon fundraiser event designed to help the Allies get better equipment for their E3 2018 coverage.

Initially the goal was set at a modest $10,631, but it was quickly shattered only a few minutes past the first hour. After a lot of emotions from the Allies, a new goal was set at $21,984.80 with even better equipment in mind, and was met at around the five hour mark. The final goal was set at $30,426.80 and was met during the final hour of the stream.


$500 Kyle's unaired segment for Live with YouTube Gaming E3 2017: My Top Five Least Anticipated Games
$1000 Pilotwings Penguin Challenge
$1500 Jones' High School Musical: PT Barnum
$2000 Damiani Plays Jelly Mario
$2500 Blood's 1995 Newspaper Article: Chrono Trigger review
$3000 Sea Shanty with Ian and special guest Luke Arnold
$3500 Ian's Home Video: spolia opima - The World Smells like Gasoline
$4000 Kyle's failed comedy sketch from the Sludge Pit
$4500 Blood's Mega Man Sketchbook, Pages 1-6
$5248 Dark Souls 3: Four Player Jolliest Co-Op
$5500 Damiani's never published review of Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories
$6000 Jones' High School Musical 2: How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
$6500 Ben's Mad Libs game
$7000 Ian's Home Video 2: Dr. Survivor and The At Seas - Scutigeromorpha
$7442 Super Mario Maker: Don's Lost Level
$8000 Blood's Mega Man Sketchbook, Pages 7-12
$8500 ESWAT
$9001 Damiani's Dragon Ball Z lore recap
$9636 Don's Jurassic Park LA script reading
$10000 Kyle's bad comedy music video from 2009: My Roommate's Cat
$10631 Dance Party

Non-Incentive Games

Below is a list of the non-incentive games played during the 9-hour marathon.


  • The song they played during the final dance party is "Beat Beat Heart" by Andrew Britton and Jesse O'Mahoney, which was a throwback to the Allies' GameTrailers era, most notably featured in Bloodborne: The Musical.

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