Bosman v Wozniak was a weekly Friday stream by Kyle Bosman, in which he attempted to beat Steve Wozniak's high score on the Game Boy version of Tetris (546,145), which he submitted to the Nintendo Power magazine under the alias "Evets Kainzow".

It was notable for having its own set of bits and lore, such as the names and history that Kyle and Chat gave to the various tetromino pieces. He would later write a song about a particularly helpful piece named Joey, and perform it during the Easy Allies in Concert live show.[1]


Although it ended with Kyle unable to achieve his goal, he later revealed that he finally beat Wozniak's score sometime later on his 3DS while watching a football match.[2]

The series has went on to become a classic of Easy Allies due to Kyle's difficult learning experience and his particular way of thinking and philosophy about the game, and it has since sparked numerous fan tributes. Most notably among them is the book Bosman v Wozniak: Poems of Tetris.

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