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Box Peek is an original animated series created by Kyle Bosman about a fictional sport in which competitors climb into boxes and try to peek at each other. It features paper puppets made and directed by Kyle with voice-over work by the Allies.

The first episode premiered on March 18, 2018 in a special preview edition during the live Easy Allies in Concert Revengeance anniversary celebration. The first five episodes made their official debut starting on October 26, 2018, including the re-debut of episode one. The final five episodes first premiered on November 8, 2019 with the series finale airing on December 6, 2019.

For more information, check out the Box Peek Wiki.


The series is about a young kid named Jordy Defective who goes on an adventure after mistakenly being given a Box Porter with his last name on it. With this device he is able to teleport a box which he can then use to play Box Peek, meeting friends and foes along the way.

Voice Cast

Actor Roles
Amanda Troop Jordy Defective / Kazomi / Denise / Takia / Amy / Courtney / Mrs. Defective
Kyle Bosman CD Romanasello / Dragon / Jiko / Leonard
Isla Hinck Peekref 12 / Alvier / Corbin / Helicopter Pilot / Peekref 13 / Peekref 60
Brandon Jones Victor Ross / Announcer / President Hamler / Waiter
Michael Huber Tuquay / Dock Worker / Bad Guys / Additional Voices
Ben Moore Noolian / Fair Boat Captain / Minkel / Additional Voices
Don Casanova Sean / Thurvin / Boutique Cashier / Lab Assistant / Stage Manager
Bradley Ellis Allio / Board Member 1 / Mr. Defective / Observers / Phillip
Daniel Bloodworth Vavava / Board Member 2 / Bad Guys / Guy with Scary Box / Additional Voices
Michael Damiani Yinzer / Board Member 3 / Church / Bad Guys / T-Shirt Guy
Luke Arnold Bronze Fang
Elyse Willems Loza
A.J. LoCascio Yellow Fang
Sean Clinton Dr. Scrapper

Production & Release

The show was announced as a new Patreon goal on May 19, 2017, and by the end of the month it was already met.

A special preview of the first episode was aired during Easy Allies in Concert: Revengeance, with the official premiere still months away.

A while passed and the fate of the show began to be in question. A number of Patreon updates by Kyle led to fears that the show would not get its weekly format as originally intended, and the official premiere was nowhere in sight.

Those fears proved to be unwarranted when, on October 1st, 2018, Kyle released the schedule for the first five episodes, all of which (with the exception of the first episode's re-release) were to release on a weekly schedule.

The final five episodes of Box Peek premiered on a weekly schedule starting on November 8, 2019. Kyle hosted a live Q&A discussion following the premiere of all ten episodes, with voice actor Amanda Troop being featured for the episode five and episode ten discussions.

On September 17, 2020, Easy Allies announced[1] that as part of their partnership with Roost, some of their series were launching on RoosterTeeth.com. Starting October 21, recent episodes of the Easy Allies Podcast, Frame Trap, Box Peek, Achieve It Yourself!, and Mysterious Monsters would be featured on the site. These shows were selected to serve as an introduction to Easy Allies and for the overall fit with Rooster Teeth's audiences. New episodes of ongoing series will still be posted around the same schedule on the Easy Allies YouTube channel and podcast feeds.


Box Peek 1.jpg

Episode 1 – Jordy Gets a Box!
Having grown up on an island where no one can play Box Peek, 12-year-old Jordy Defective is on a mission to learn all about the world's most popular game--and maybe get into a match or two.

Box Peek 2.jpg

Episode 2 – Bitter Friends, Best Rivasls!
Jordy and CD have become fast friends, but how long can it last before their competitiveness boils over?

Box Peek 3.jpg

Episode 3 – The Power of Smells!
Jordy's looking for tougher competition, but can he keep his cool when confronted when faced with a fragrant conundrum?

Box Peek 4.jpg

Episode 4 – Money Problems!
Jordy's on a roll, but he's going to need to start loading up his box if he really wants to compete!

Box Peek 5.jpg

Episode 5 – Totally Strong-Armed!
If Jordy is going to beat Box Peekers with Box Mods, he'll need to come in with a plan!

Box Peek 6.jpg

Episode 6 – Prying Eyes!
Jordy's next opponent has uncommonly good vision, so it looks like it might take more than common sense to get this peek!

Box Peek 7.jpg

Episode 7 – Street Peeks!
Jordy learns a whole new way to play Box Peek!

Box Peek 8.jpg

Episode 8 – A Gust of Win!
Jordy finally makes it to Jacuzzi City, but winning in this town won't be a breeze!

Box Peek 9.jpg

Episode 9 – Face Your Fears!
Jordy must master the essential Box Peek skill of bravery if he wants to rank up!

Box Peek 10.jpg

Episode 10 – Showdown with a Dragon!
Jordy's about to face the ultimate opponent--Takia Chill! Can the rookie from Fairboat Island keep his winning streak alive?

Box Peek Theme Song is the opening and main theme of Box Peek. It was composed by FantomenK and performed by Ian Hinck and Brandon Jones, with lyrics by Kyle Bosman.

It was performed live during the beginning of Easy Allies in Concert: Revengeance to anticipate the series' first episode preview.

There is a remix of this song developed by FantomenK that is played before each episode officially airs. Kyle has described it as the "Box Peek hype song."


Pack up your life and go
No second thoughts
When opportunity knocks

Into the future now
And you will see
I conquered my dreams

Box Peek! Box Peek!
Win at any cost
Box Peek! Box Peek!
Peek outside the box

My heart's beatin', the count begins (One!)
Doubts creep in, I'm not breakin' (Two!)
They're thinkin' I hide within (Three!)
But I'm peekin' for a win! (Four!)

Peek outside the box!

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