Box Peek Theme Song is the opening and main theme of Box Peek. It was composed by FantomenK and performed by Ian Hinck and Brandon Jones, with lyrics by Kyle Bosman.

It was performed live during the beginning of Easy Allies in Concert: Revengeance to anticipate the series' first episode preview.

There is a remix of this song developed by FantomenK that is played before each episode officially airs. Kyle has described it as the "Box Peek hype song."


Pack up your life and go
No second thoughts
When opportunity knocks

Into the future now
And you will see
I conquered my dreams

Box Peek! Box Peek!
Win at any cost
Box Peek! Box Peek!
Peek outside the box

My heart's beatin', the count begins (One!)
Doubts creep in, I'm not breakin' (Two!)
They're thinkin' I hide within (Three!)
But I'm peekin' for a win! (Four!)

Peek outside the box!

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