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Brandon Jones is an American voice actor, performer, editor and video personality. He co-founded GameTrailers with Geoff Grotz in 2002 and remained there until its closure in 2016.

He is married to Amanda Troop, and they are the proud parents of son Milo and owners of Sophie.

Easy Allies History

Brandon and Amanda provided their garage for most of the recordings and streams at Easy Allies from 2016-2018. Amanda and Sophie would occasionally show up, especially on Brandon's streams.

He's the Editor-in-Chief of Easy Allies, and provides voice-overs for most of their videos, including Reviews and Retrospectives, among others. He was also a permanent panelist on the Easy Allies Podcast from 2016-2020.

The weekly Patreon-exclusive show Cup of Jones debuted on March 31, 2016. Hosted by Jones, he gives a behind-the-scenes update on what's happening at Easy Allies, answers questions, and gives a brief editorial.

Jones debuted his trailer discussion and review show Trailer Jones on June 19, 2017. It was a successor to the GameTrailers shows, Let's All Go to the Trailers, Trailer Academy, and Trailer Score. The show primarily focused on video game trailers but sometimes featured movie trailers as well.

On March 13, 2020, it was announced that due to Kyle Bosman's departure from Easy Allies, Brandon would take over as host for the Podcast. [1] Daniel Bloodworth became a permanent panelist while Isla Hinck remained in the Control Room.

During EZX Digital '21, Easy Allies announced Mindful Games, a new limited series hosted by Jones about meditation and mindfulness in video games. The show officially premiered on March 24, 2021.


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