Brandon Sun, Kyle Moon is a 5-episode series that follows Brandon Jones and Kyle Bosman playing Pokémon Sun and Moon for the first time when the games launched.

In this series, they each discuss their experiences with the games coming from two different perspectives. While Kyle has followed the Pokémon franchise from the very beginning, Brandon experienced a 20 year gap between games as Pokémon Sun was his second Pokémon game. He played Pokémon Red and Blue for the first time in Brandon Plays Pokémon.

On August 29, 2019, Brandon and Kyle would debut Silver Squad, the successor to Brandon Plays Pokémon and Brandon Sun, Kyle Moon. This stream series would go through Brandon's journey playing Pokémon Silver for the first time.

Brandon's Pokémon

Brandon's starter Pokémon was the water-type Popplio he nicknamed Gow.

Kyle's Pokémon

Kyle's starter Pokémon was the fire-type Litten he nicknamed Bravest.

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