Community Showcase is a monthly stream hosted by Brandon Jones where Patrons $10 and up submit their comments and creations to be shown off to the community.


Community Showcase originally began as Community Comments on May 3, 2016. The show allowed Patrons $10 and up to submit their comments to be read aloud live by Brandon Jones and featured edited footage by Jones as well.

Community Comments wrapped up on October 12, 2017 and turned into Community Showcase. The format changed to a conversational stream with Jones and a rotating Ally as he reads community comments and showcases creations submitted such as art, photos, music, audio, and 3-minute videos.

Starting in June 2018, they started picking a unique thumbnail for each Community Showcase from the art submitted each month.

Easy Allies

Easy Allies PlaysGroup Stream NightEasy Allies ReactionsCommunity ShowcaseEasy Allies Clips
Dumb Game MondayToy Box TuesdayBosman v WozniakRed Dead RevisitedSpouse QuestEorzean Allies
Brandon GOBlood PactThe SSX Saga, Directed by Kyle BosmanRetro Game Sessions
Assassin AllianceAmateur Gundam ConstructionFavorite Fantasy - Final Fantasy VIBen's Dojo
Brandon Builds the LEGO Disney CastleBruce vs BatmanWeekly HuntsKyle's PS4 Grab BagIt's EZ to Like Anime
Brandon's DreamsKyle Makes a Game Boy GameIan and Don Hit the StreamMike & MikeStream Team
Mana DaySilver SquadIan Synth StreamNever Too Late to DreamcastDreams Lovers
Don Versus Wave RaceAnimal Crossing Island HopThe Legend of BradTiermaker

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