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Daniel Bloodworth is an American journalist and writer. He first started writing about games in the early 90s for his junior high school newspaper and has kept going ever since.

He spent five years with Nintendo World Report, and worked briefly at G4tv before arriving at GameTrailers in 2007, staying there until its closure in 2016.

Easy Allies History

He is the primary Managing Editor for Easy Allies, and is usually the person who edits and posts the streams from Twitch onto YouTube. He also reviews and edits all review scripts before they enter video production. He is an Admin at the Easy Allies Forums, and he frequently checks the comment section on their YouTube videos and other fan forums.

He mostly gravitates towards action-adventure games, racing games and RPGs. He is also very passionate about video game music.

On August 26, 2016, Bloodworth premiered a new Patreon tier and monthly series of streams titled Blood Pact. $60 and up Patrons can join him in a close knit book-club style group to choose a theme and vote on a game to play that fits the theme. He then streams the game publicly and later holds a private roundtable stream to discuss everyone's thoughts.

On March 13, 2020, Kyle Bosman announced via Patreon post[1] that he would be departing from Easy Allies the following month, citing that he needed to find his life's "main thing." Brandon Jones took over as moderator of the Easy Allies Podcast and Bloodworth became his new co-moderator and permanent panelist.

On October 21, 2020, Easy Allies premiered a new Patreon-exclusive mini-game competition titled Mini-Game Champions. Hosted by Daniel Bloodworth, the Allies compete across three rounds of competition in games submitted by Patrons to crown a champion. The first episode was released to the public during Patron Party 2020 with subsequent episodes releasing exclusively to $1 and up patrons.

During EZX Digital '21, Easy Allies announced a new monthly Patreon-exclusive discussion series hosted by Bloodworth called Soundtrack Club. Available to $7 and up patrons, Soundtrack Club is a way to recommend and discuss different soundtracks being listened to throughout the year. Each month, Bloodworth will get together with other Allies and guests to have a discussion on three soundtracks – a recent release, a soundtrack the guest brings to the show, and a recommendation from club members.

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