Don's Discount Gaming is a reality-style series where Don traverses the urban jungle in search of affordable entertainment. It was originally a six-episode show and aired its finale on February 21, 2017.

However on May 5, 2020, Don's Discount Gaming returned with a special End of Days Deals episode as Don was back on the hunt for the Bride of Pinbot.


Episode Description
Episode 01 Join Don as he searches a thrift store for hidden treasures.
King of the 90's Arcades Join Don as he shows off a magical Neo Geo machine and takes a time traveling road trip down memory lane.
Konami Taught Me to Gamble Don visits the race track and journeys into his subconscious.
Runaway Bride of Pinbot I never promised you a rose garden...
Swap Meet Beyond Thunderdome Join Don as he wanders the desert sniffing out a bargain.
California Extreme Dreaming It's the most glorious maze you could ever hope to wander into, and get lost forever.
End of Days Deals The Bride of Pinbot is back in LA and Don pursues cryptic clues and cheap thrills through darkened arcades, in search of his lost pinball love. Featuring a special appearance by Eddie Esguerra
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