Dreams Lovers was a weekly series of streams hosted by Brandon Jones & Kyle Bosman that followed their creative journey into Dreams.

Dreams was initially made available via early access on April 16, 2019, a first for a Sony game. Brandon jumped into early access in Brandon's Dreams and they decided to follow up Silver Squad with Dreams Lovers after the game officially launched on February 14, 2020.

Week 1 started off the stream just surfing other Dreams to catch Kyle up on the current landscape of content. This included Dreams created by the Easy Allies community such as a multiplayer game based on Box Peek. They concluded the first stream by picking one of five ideas Kyle came up with for their very first Dream Shaping project. Jones chose "Who's In My Bathroom?" to work on before Kyle's departure from Easy Allies at the end of April.

On the final Dreams Lovers stream, Brandon and Kyle completed the voiceover dialogue and lighting for their game and published "Who's In My Bathroom?" as a Work-In-Progress for others to remix and complete the game. Brandon noted he would check in on Dreams periodically to play any creations or updates sent to him.

Who's In My Bathroom?

The premise of the game is that you have 3.5 minutes during your favorite show's commercial break to figure out who is in your downstairs bathroom. You have to search for clues throughout the house to figure out the mystery visitor with multiple routes and difficulty levels available.

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