EZX Digital is the four-year anniversary celebration of Easy Allies.

The EZX event was originally planned as a four-hour community group stream for Sunday, March 22nd at the Hilton Anaheim where the Allies could play games together with members of the community. However, the live event had to be canceled due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

EZX subsequently transformed into EZX Digital, a 6-day online event with daily 8+ hour streams from March 22nd to March 27th.

EZX (Community Group Stream)

Unlike previous anniversary celebrations, the Allies wanted to be more closely involved with the community rather than strictly performing like the Easy Allies in Concert and live Mysterious Monsters shows. The anniversary celebration evolved into a four-hour community group stream where attendees could drop their names into a raffle to play games with the Allies in one of four designated time slots. This was planned in conjunction with an informal Disneyland meetup on Saturday, March 21st and a local park meet-up on Monday, March 23rd.

After intense deliberation and feedback from the community in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the decision was made to cancel EZX.

EZX Digital (Studio)

Once the EZX live meetup was canceled, EZX Digital was planned as a 6-day studio event with daily 8+ hour streams. But with the increasing concerns of COVID-19, the leaders of Los Angeles issued an emergency "Safer at Home" order limiting non-essential activities. This caused a change in plans for EZX Digital to accommodate at home streaming.

The original plan included all nine Allies playing together on Sunday and Tuesday that also featured a Games Done Quick-style Super Mario Maker 2 relay with community level submissions. The EZX Challenge Bucket was to be featured throughout the week with 5-minute challenges submitted by the community.

Below is the original studio schedule for EZX Digital.

Original Schedule

Sunday March 22nd - All Allies

Monday March 23rd

Tuesday March 24th - All Allies

Wednesday March 25th

Thursday March 26th

Friday March 27th

EZX Digital (At Home)

After the "Safer at Home" order was issued for Los Angeles, the schedule and plans had to be adjusted so they could virtually get together from their individual homes. This included new software, workflows, and adapting to the varying home internet connections of each Ally.

Because Kyle wouldn't be able to play the Stream Team winner Mega Man Legends in the studio with the Allies, an amended Stream Team poll was submitted for a Kyle solo stream.

Below is the final amended schedule.

Amended Schedule

Sunday - 9 Hours, 9 Allies


  • 12 PM - Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition - Full Playthrough - Ian, Damiani, Huber





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