EZX Digital '21

EZX Digital '21 is the five-year anniversary celebration of Easy Allies and the second annual EZX Digital event.

Following EZA's fifth birthday, a five-day event was hosted on Twitch, YouTube, and Patreon starting on March 22, 2021.[1] Each day featured extended bonus streams on top of their regular schedule, including the return of Weekly Hunts with Monster Hunter Rise, It Takes Two playthrough with Bloodworth and Jones, the first Hall of Greats Induction of 2021, and much more.

New show premieres during EZX Digital '21 included Achieve It Yourself! Season 3 and a brand new show hosted by Brandon Jones about meditation and mindfulness titled Mindful Games. An update was also provided on Mini-Game Champions, with the rest of the series set to premiere following the season finale of Achieve It Yourself. A new monthly segment titled Trash Babies was also announced alongside the soundtrack discussion series, Soundtrack Club.

Changes to the benefits on Patreon were also planned with additional features being added to their crowded-funding community. New t-shirts and posters were also added to their merchandise catalog thanks to the continuing relationship with Rooster Teeth.[2] A fundraiser was hosted the whole week to produce even more content throughout the year. Progress was charted across Twitch subs, Patreon pledges, and PayPal donations, with special rewards being delivered when certain goals are met in the form of new special features and big event live-streams. By the end of EZX Digital '21, they surpassed their final $25,000 fundraising goal with a total of $26,358 raised for Easy Allies content and operations.


The full announcement[3] was revealed at the start of EZX Digital '21.

Patreon Reward Tier Changes

Easy Allies updated the description for Patreon tiers with language that's easier to understand at a glance. New rewards include:

Fundraising Goals

Easy Allies held a fundraiser throughout the week and tracked progress across Patreon, Twitch, and PayPal donations to help with ongoing expenses, improve the studio, updating equipment, and plan future events. By the end of the Tiermaker finale, they surpassed their final $25,000 fundraising goal with a total of $26,358 raised.

An EZX Bonus Tracker[5] was posted on Patreon to collect all the bonuses as they are posted and to keep track of their ongoing status as they are being developed. The post will kept being updated until all bonus content has been completed.

$2,000 Kid Photos - Each Ally shows off 1-2 photos at Hall of Greats
$4,000 Pets Check In Video
$6,000 Ben Spends Money on Genshin Impact
$8,000 Ian and Don EZX Mario Maker 2 Race
$10,000 Ian Synth Stream
$12,000 Monster Hunter Movie Audio Commentary
$14,000 Patriot Watch Party on Twitch
$16,000 Super Mario Bros. The Movie Spoiler Mode
$18,000 Forbidden Easy Update Released
$20,000 Street Fighter Movie Spoiler Mode
$22,000 Easy Allies Favorite Food Reviews
$25,000 Easy Allies Puppet Spectacular

Full EZX Schedule

Mon Mar 22

  • 12:00 PM - Kickoff - Mario Kart 8
  • 1:00 PM - Magic: Legends
  • 3:00 PM - Resident Evil Outbreak
  • 5:00 PM - League of Legends
  • 6:00 PM - Chess

Tue Mar 23

Wed Mar 24

Thurs Mar 25

Fri Mar 26

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