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Easy Allies Reviews are one of the main publications produced by Easy Allies. They are written by most of the team, one each per review.

Daniel Bloodworth handles the review script edits while the videos are edited by Brandon Jones, Isla Hinck and Don Casanova. Brandon also provides the voice-over for every review.


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  • Brandon Jones



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Following the closure of GameTrailers, Easy Allies decided to move away from the 100-point system used for scoring reviews at GT. Instead, Easy Allies Reviews were ranked on a 5-star based system which ultimately put them into one of five categories.

These scores were translated into a percentage when published in review aggregators such as Metacritic and GameRankings. This generated controversies, as they were not representative of what the Allies' actual opinions were on a given game. However, on March, 2017, the Easy Allies ranked #1 in OpenCritic's Most Trusted Publications of 2016[1], which was based on user votes throughout the year.


Since February 2018[2], they have switched from the 5-star system to a numerical review scale ranging from 1 to 10 in .5 intervals. This system is similar to most other review editors, with the change being made to better accommodate review aggregator sites and have the score more closely match the review.

Easy Allies Reviews
Writers Daniel BloodworthMichael DamianiBradley Ellis
Michael HuberBrandon JonesBen Moore
Video Editors Don CasanovaIsla HinckBrandon Jones
Voice-over Brandon Jones

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