Easy Livin' is a 50-hour event in which all nine Allies spend a weekend in a beach house together. They broadcast the whole ordeal on their Twitch channel as they play a multitude of games consecutively without ever intentionally ending the stream, while also making sure to alternate who is playing in order to ensure that each of them is well rested, and that there is at least one person streaming at a time.

Easy Livin' (2017)


2017 Schedule

The first Easy Livin' event was streamed from 10:00 PM on August 4th to around 12:00 AM on August 7th.

Notable Moments


Easy Livin' (2018)


2018 Schedule

On June 15th, during the last day of their E3 2018 live streams, it was announced that there was to be a second Easy Livin' event, this time taking place from August 17th through August 19th.

Notable Moments


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