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Easy Update is a weekly series created by Isla Hinck which features conversations with a variety of guests, unorthodox looks at games, original music composed by Isla, short films, comedy skits, and more.

The show is a spiritual successor to the GameTrailers series, Mandatory Update.


Easy Update debuted on March 26, 2016, shortly after Easy Allies officially launched. The weekly show has led to several albums of music being released by Isla on Bandcamp and SoundCloud as well as live performances featuring special guests and the Easy Update Band.

The Easy Allies improv show Fiasconauts initially started as a special Easy Update episode on September 10, 2016. A Tabletop Escapades Presents episode was then filmed on September 21, 2016 while Dungeon Master Ben Moore was out. Fiasconauts officially launched as its own monthly show on October 28, 2016.

Isla posted a Patreon announcement[1] on February 10, 2021 that Fiasconauts was moving off the monthly rotation and shifting to a more occasional special event release schedule. In its place on the monthly schedule is the re-introduction of the Easy Update segment, The Fast & Loose Internet Talk Show as its own standalone Patreon exclusive show. With the shift to its own show, $5 and up Patrons are able to ask questions which Isla will choose at random without reading them beforehand. New episodes are scheduled to premiere at the end of each month on Patreon.

Isla publicly came out as a trans woman and a lesbian in May 2021 on Twitter and Easy Update, specified her pronouns as she/they, and revealed her new name.[2] She also answered questions from Patreon in a follow up AMA episode.[3]


Recurrent Segments

  • Music Videos & Performances
  • Conversations
  • Skits & Sketches
  • Short Films
  • Gameplay Demos
  • Board Games & Card Games
  • Talking About The Year With Kyle Bosman
  • Kill Your Babies
  • E3 Carpet Awards
  • Easy Update Live
  • Opinion Yell!
  • Isla's Torture Chambers
  • Studio Tips and Tricks
  • Isla and Don Hit the Beach
  • Mandatory Update
  • Video Game Fantasy Critic League
  • Patch Note Poetry
  • Isla and Huber Check Out Some Random Game

Past Segments


Isla regularly publishes the music featured in the show on SoundCloud, and releases compilations of them on Bandcamp.

Music from Easy Update has also been performed by Isla and the Easy Update Band during the 2017 and 2018 Easy Allies in Concert anniversary celebrations.


Album Release Date
EasyListening1.jpg Easy Update's Easy Listening Lolume One Sep 17, 2016
EasyListening2.jpg Easy Update's Easy Listening Lolume Two Feb 18, 2017
EasyListening3.jpg Easy Update's Easy Listening Lolume 3 Sep 30, 2017
NoRedemptionSoundtrack.jpg No Redemption Original Soundtrack Oct 27, 2018

Easy Update Black Box Theatre Presents: No Redemption

On October 27, 2018, Isla released No Redemption, a western horror musical inspired by the mythic wild west and tales of magic and mystery. The musical was described with the tagline, "Old scars, old sins, old debts, some things never go away."


  • Tres Exitus: Isla Hinck, Sarah Elmaleh, Brandon Jones
  • The Witches Vile: Gabrielle Montoute, Marissa Von Bleicken
  • Also starring: Jessica Lynn Verdi, Neve O'Leary, AJ LoCascio, Jack Covell, and Kyle Bosman.

Easy Update Bonuses

Bonus content available to all $1 and up Patrons:

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