Easy Update's Easy Listening Lolume Two is the second collection of original music from the video game-related comedy web show Easy Update

The album was released on Bandcamp on February 18, 2017.

Music from Easy Update has also been performed by Isla and the Easy Update Band during the 2017 and 2018 Easy Allies in Concert anniversary celebrations.

Track Listing

# Title Writer(s) Length
1 Bubbles Isla Hinck 1:40
2 Losing Sleep Isla Hinck 2:13
3 Unnecessary Difficulty Isla Hinck 1:14
4 That's Right (Brad and Astrid) Isla Hinck 2:12
5 These Games We Play Isla Hinck 2:23
6 Get Involved Isla Hinck 0:35
7 All Alone Isla Hinck 2:20
8 High Score Isla Hinck 1:02
9 Mistakes Were Made Isla Hinck 2:05
10 You + Me = Eternity (Featuring Ashly Burch) Isla Hinck • Ashly Burch 2:27
11 Thankful Isla Hinck 3:12
12 Fight Isla Hinck 2:40
13 Fair and Easy Isla Hinck 1:43
14 Hearts and Minds Isla Hinck • Daniel James 1:58
15 Panic on the Planet with No Ice Cream Isla Hinck 1:08
16 Time is Not A Friend Isla Hinck 3:51
17 I Dream of Video Games Isla Hinck 2:11
18 Save Isla Hinck 2:06
19 I Love It Isla Hinck 1:32
20 Find Your Way Isla Hinck 2:19


All tracks were written and performed by Isla Hinck except the following:
You + Me = Eternity was written and performed by
Ashly Burch(@ashly_burch) and Isla Hinck
Hearts and Minds was composed and performed by Daniel James (@H2Daniel),
lead vocals were written and performed by Isla Hinck
I Dream of Video Games, Save, and I Love It incorporate samples from noiiz.com

Album art is a photo of some flowers taken by Isla Hinck and the painting elements
are from Christ in Agony by Nanette Hagen Hinck. I miss you, mom!
© Copyright Isla Hinck

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