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Ezra was the name of a song created by Huber during an Intramural Tournament in which the Allies had to make a song in ten minutes using the music production software KORG Gadget for the Nintendo Switch.[1]


The participants in the tournament were Blood, Kyle, Don and Huber, while Isla served as the judge. Each Ally proceeded to make their song, and decided that in order to throw Isla off her trail, they would let auto-fill come up with the song names.

As Huber took his turn, his heavy usage of bass synths, unorthodox sound patterns, and stark contrast between the three layers of the song resulted in an effusive sound that evoked the image of a dark, demonic carnival. Huber, being quite pleased with his creation, decided to finish the song before his time was up. When naming the song, auto-fill resulted in "Ezra", which added to the unsettling vibes the song already had.

That same week, during Kyle's Friday stream[2] in which he played For the Frog the Bell Tolls, he asked Chat to come up with a name for the main character, and Ezra was the number one choice by a large margin. Kyle found it very funny and almost immediately settled on it, establishing it as one of the most memorable names inside the community.

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