The Fast & Loose Internet Talk Show is a monthly Patreon-exclusive show hosted by Isla Hinck which features off-topic shenanigans with the Allies and guests. $5 and up Patrons are able to ask questions which Isla will choose at random without reading them beforehand. The standalone show officially premiered on February 25, 2021 with new episodes scheduled to release on the final Thursday of each month on Patreon.


The series originally started as an Easy Update series which premiered during EZX Digital on March 24, 2020. Five episodes were recorded for Easy Update before it spun off as its own standalone show.

Isla posted a Patreon announcement[1] on February 10, 2021 that Fiasconauts was moving off the monthly rotation and shifting to a more occasional special event release schedule. In its place on the monthly schedule was the re-introduction of The Fast & Loose Internet Talk Show as its own standalone Patreon exclusive show. The first monthly Patreon episode premiered on February 25, 2021.


As the title of the show implies, Isla prepares no topics or discussion points beforehand and lets conversations come fast and loose. Each episode begins with a live reveal of the title screen and theme song for each episode, which is whatever happens to be the #1 staff pick on the music service, Epidemic Sound. $5 and up Patrons are able to ask questions which Isla will choose at random without reading them beforehand.



Fast&LooseFeb2021.jpeg The Fast & Loose Internet Talk Show - February 2021(February 25, 2021)


Fast&LooseMar2021.jpeg The Fast & Loose Internet Talk Show - March 2021(March 25, 2021)


Fast&LooseApr2021.jpeg The Fast & Loose Internet Talk Show - April 2021(April 22, 2021)


Fast&LooseMay2021.jpeg The Fast & Loose Internet Talk Show - May 2021(May 27, 2021)


Easy Update

Fast&LooseInternetTalkShow.jpg Fast & Loose Internet Talk Show - EZX Digital – The gang talks about random whatever. Laugh laughs. Feel feelings. Learn learnings. Experience truly poor internet. (March 24, 2020)


Fast&LooseInternetTalkShow2.jpg Tifa, Mei, and Soylent – Here's an episode of Fast & Loose Internet Talk Show where we talk about Tifa's proportions, Overwatch 2, Soylent, Names, and some other garbage. (April 11, 2020)


Fast&LooseInternetTalkShow3.jpg Rugrats – Isla, Jess, Don, and Huber get together to talk about just about everything from bread, to quarantine hair, to Rugrats! (May 16, 2020)


Fast&LooseInternetTalkShow4.jpg Now – Isla is joined by friends Gabby and Pam to discuss games, COVID, Black Lives Matter, and what the hell HBO Max is. (June 6, 2020)


  • Gabrielle Montoute
  • Pam Tsing
Fast&LooseInternetTalkShow5.jpg Omar's Butt! – Fast & Loose Internet Talk Show is back with special guests Ben Hanson of MinnMax and Gabrielle Montoute! We talk about the midwest, waterslides, our pasts, and Omar's Butt. (July 18, 2020)


  • Ben Hanson
  • Gabrielle Montoute

Easy Allies

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