Frame Trap is the secondary podcast of Easy Allies where host Ben Moore and the panel talks more in depth about what they've been playing and tackle a variety of topics related to video games and other media. It is released in early access every other week on Mondays and to the public the following Wednesday.


Easy Allies announced on April 6, 2016 they were producing a second podcast in addition to the Easy Allies Podcast and asked for user-submitted questions for the first episode. Frame Trap premiered a few days later on April 11, 2016.

On February 4, 2019, Frame Trap premiered a new logo, graphics, and presentation for the podcast in the first episode filmed in the studio.[1]

Easy Allies started a new sub-series titled Frame Trap EX on August 5, 2020. These shorter episodes feature highlighted discussions clipped from full episodes of the Frame Trap podcast.

On September 17, 2020, Easy Allies announced[2] that as part of their partnership with Roost, some of their series were launching on Starting October 21, recent episodes of Frame Trap, the Easy Allies Podcast, Box Peek, Achieve It Yourself!, and Mysterious Monsters would be featured on the site. These shows were selected to serve as an introduction to Easy Allies and for the overall fit with Rooster Teeth's audiences. New episodes will still be posted around the same schedule on the Easy Allies YouTube channel and podcast feeds.

On March 12, 2021, Easy Allies announced a schedule change for Frame Trap and Friend Code. Moving forward, both shows were changed to release for early access on Mondays and and go public on Wednesdays on opposite weeks. This update was made to spread them out from each other as well as the Easy Allies Podcast and other shows.


Current Segments

  • Opening: General non-gaming discussion to start the podcast.
  • PSA!: A negative shout-out where one of the panelists is chosen to call something out on any topic of their choice.
  • HOTTAKE!: A big central video game topic the panel discusses in depth.
  • Emails: User-submitted questions and discussion points.

Recurrent Segments

  • Caught in a Frame Trap: After saying a trigger word or phrase, the panelists have to play a game in order to fend off the demons of the Frame Trap realm. They then have to perform an act to escape.
  • Noodles & Broth: An annual E3 segment in which each panelist has to present two games they were most impressed with at E3. The noodles are a big name title and the broth is a lesser-known game.
  • Face-Off: Two franchises are pitted against each other and the panelists have to say which is better.
  • BESTAKE: Awarded to the panelist with a standout opinion in the first half of the podcast in which they have to try to maintain an opinion combo.
  • ONE SENTENCE: A panelist has ten words to say one sentence to an executive of a video game company.
  • SHOUT-OUT!: One of the panelists is given an opportunity to give a shout-out to a non-video game related thing and explain why they're shouting it out.

Special Guests

Below are the special guests that have been featured on Frame Trap to date:

Date Guest Episode
Jan 23, 2017 Ryan Stevens
  • Former Managing Editor, GameTrailers
  • Video Producer, Fanbyte
A Rush of Games
Apr 29, 2019 Maximilian Dood
  • Fighting Game Content Creator
Heart Kollector
Mar 30, 2020 Mitchell Saltzman
  • Editorial Producer, IGN
Back From The Dead



  • Concept & Design: Joe Ellis (@Joe_David_Ellis)
  • Animation & Motion Graphics: Chris Leroux


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