Group Stream night is an event that happens once a week in which the Allies get together to do a variety of things such as The Hall of Greats, The Easy Allies Awards, or simply playing a game. These streams always happen on a Tuesday, and typically start at 6:00 pm pst.

Originally, the Allies would decide on what they were going to be doing, but later they decided to allow Patrons to suggest and vote on what they would play. On April 25, 2018, on a special edition of Cup of Jones, it was announced that the patron game suggestion feature would end, with the Allies instead deciding to give patrons a number of games and ideas to be voted on.

Easy Allies

Easy Allies PlaysGroup Stream NightCommunity ShowcaseEasy Allies Clips
Dumb Game MondayToy Box TuesdayBosman v WozniakSpouse Quest
Assassin AllianceEorzean AlliesAmateur Gundam Construction
Blood PactBen's DojoWeekly HuntsIt's EZ to Like Anime

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