Isla's Synth Stream is a monthly music stream where Isla Hinck goes on an experimental journey into sonic wonderment with modular synthesizers. A green screen and visualizer is used that dynamically responds to the music while the top-down cam shows a full view of the setup and the music creation process.


The idea for the synth streams was revealed during the Phase 4 announcements on August 13, 2019 and premiered a few months later on January 20, 2020. After two streams in the studio, the series had to be put on hiatus due to the global pandemic.

During EZX Digital '21, a fundraiser was held across Patreon, Twitch, and PayPal donations to help with ongoing expenses, improve the studio, updating equipment, and plan future events. The $10,000 goal was reached, awarding a bonus Isla Synth Stream to be planned and scheduled at a future date.

Easy Allies

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