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Kyle Bosman is an American writer, comedian and video personality. He joined GameTrailers in 2011, and gained major internet notoriety in 2013 after getting his own show, The Final Bosman[1]. He later went on to host their podcast, GT Time[2].

Kyle announced on March 13, 2020 that he was leaving Easy Allies to find his life's "main thing" and later created his own Twitch channel and a Patreon for his weekly YouTube show, Delayed Input.[3][4]

Easy Allies History[]

Upon the launch of Easy Allies, Kyle was the original host of the Easy Allies Podcast. The podcast was heavily inspired by the tone and format of GT Time and even brought over some of its old segments, such as Love & Respect and Time for Bets. He was also the host and producer of a Patreon-exclusive show titled And For That Reason that originally started as a podcast segment.

Kyle regularly streamed throughout the week including his Dumb Game Monday streams that would alternate with a Fun Game Monday stream. He also had a long-standing Friday night solo stream where he would play a variety of games and feature fan art of his streams submitted by the community. These streams also featured Kyle making his very first Game Boy game in a series of streams titled Kyle Makes a Game Boy Game.

He is also the creator of the animated series Box Peek and voices one of the main characters, CD Romanasello. The show officially began production after the Patreon goal was met in May 2017 with the first five episodes premiering in October 2018. The final five episodes debuted in November 2019 with each episode also being accompanied by a live Q&A.

Kyle was also the host and producer for Achieve It Yourself!, a partially Patreon-exclusive show in which a group of Allies attempt made-up Nintendo achievements submitted by Patrons. After the success of the first season, the second season was made available to the public.

On March 13, 2020, Kyle announced via Patreon post[5] that he would be departing from Easy Allies the following month, citing that he needed to find his life's "main thing." In the same post, he mentioned that the Podcast would be hosted by Jones and that Damiani would take over as producer for Achieve it Yourself. On his last day at Easy Allies, he publicly released every song he created during his tenure in an album titled Every Dumb Kyle Song.


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