Love & Respect


Love & Respect (L&R) was the name of a segment from GameTrailers' podcast GT Time[1], in which the panel answered user-submitted questions. It started with Rufus playing his melody, and the panel chanting "love and respect" during its final notes.

It debuted in one of its latest episodes[2], and it replaced the old segment "Well You're The One Who Started This Conversation!" due to its name's negative implications, although both segments served the same purpose of discussing topics sent by fans. Eventually the segment found its way onto the Easy Allies Podcast along with Rufus, where they have remained until this day, even being featured prominently in special Love & Respect episodes.

Jones has also discussed many times about what the phrase means as a concept on his editorial show Cup of Jones, and why it has since become the motto of the Easy Allies and its community.

L&R-only Episodes

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