Never Too Late to Dreamcast is a 6-episode series hosted by Kyle Bosman that takes a deep dive into lesser-known Dreamcast titles he has never played before. The intention is to play games that could only be experienced on Dreamcast that he missed out on.

The Dreamcast games are played in a 4-5 hour Sunday stream or until completion and then edited down into 40 minute episodes. Each episode concludes with final thoughts and placement on The Arch of History which ranks the game somewhere between Please Forget and Remember Forever.


A member of the Community named a_rappy sent Kyle a modified Dreamcast with HDMI support and an SD card reader since Kyle mentioned he has never owned one of his own. This gift inspired Kyle to create Never Too Late to Dreamcast which he also edits himself.


While any game can be played on the modified Dreamcast via the SD card reader, Kyle owns a physical copy of each game featured due to the Streamer's Oath. The first episode started off with a launch title theme.

Below is the full list of games featured:

Easy Allies

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Cup of JonesEasy UpdateHuber SyndromeHuber's Prison of LoveGame SleuthPort Report
Brandon Plays PokémonBrandon Sun, Kyle MoonAnd For That ReasonThe Fancy Fifteen
The Busted TrifectaDon's Design LabDon's Discount GamingDon the BeatTales From Japan
Tabletop EscapadesFiasconautsMysterious MonstersThe Occasional Board Game ShowAchieve It Yourself!
Box PeekDeveloper ShowcaseNever Too Late to DreamcastHunting HuberTogether We RPG

Easy Allies

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Toy Box TuesdayBosman v WozniakRed Dead RevisitedSpouse QuestEorzean AlliesBrandon GO
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Amateur Gundam ConstructionFavorite Fantasy - Final Fantasy VIBen's DojoBrandon Builds the LEGO Disney Castle
Bruce vs BatmanWeekly HuntsKyle's PS4 Grab BagIt's EZ to Like AnimeBrandon's Dreams
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Silver SquadIan Synth StreamNever Too Late to DreamcastDreams LoversDon Versus Wave Race
Animal Crossing Island HopThe Legend of Brad

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