Silver Squad is Brandon Jones' full playthrough of Pokémon Silver with Kyle Bosman. This is Brandon's fourth Pokémon game he's ever played and his third mainline series game.

Silver Squad is the successor to Brandon Plays Pokémon, a show which chronicled Brandon's adventures playing Pokémon for the first time, and Brandon Sun, Kyle Moon, a show that followed Brandon and Kyle's experiences playing Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Brandon named the main character Branman as a portmanteau of Brandon and Bosman. Conversely, the rival was named Jyle as a combination of Jones and Kyle.

After 20 weeks of Silver Squad streams, Brandon and Kyle's adventures in Pokémon Silver culminated in a 4+ hour movie version of Silver Squad that Brandon put together to showcase the stream's best moments.

Brandon and Kyle followed up Silver Squad with Dreams Lovers, a weekly stream focused on playing and creating in Dreams.


Branman's first Pokémon was the water-type starter, Totodile, which he named Tick-Tock based on the crocodile in Peter Pan. This pick was in contrast to him starting with the fire-type Charmander which he named Johnny in Brandon Plays Pokémon.

The first Pokémon Branman caught in the wild was a Hoothoot named Tootsie, which came from the cartoon Mr. Owl in the classic Tootsie Pop commercials. Tootsie would go on to create many story moments in Silver Squad such as Tootsie Time.

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