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The Slusser Cup was the original GameTrailers Final Bets award and was named after former GT employee and inaugural Final Bets co-champion, Rob Slusser. The trophy featured one of the original GameTrailers logos and was carried over into the Easy Allies Betting Specials.


Betting Specials started as a 1-on-1 competition between Kyle and Huber based on their love for fantasy football and degenerate gambling back at GameTrailers, which they called Final Bets, while the rest of the staff served as team members who would bet on their leader's behalf. The winner of those bets would then claim the Slusser Cup for themselves.

These betting events eventually carried onto the Easy Allies, with the first one held for E3 2016. However, after The Trial of Kyle Bosman, the rest of the Allies became more involved and started betting on their own, each playing as a character inspired by themselves, parodying the WWE Money in the Bank events.

For the next betting event, the majority of the Allies participated for a chance to go against Huber on the next Betting Special, with the winner being Brad. He would later come back as Ultima, with a confident and challenging attitude that would define him for the rest of the events, stating that a new era of Betting Specials was ready to come. His predictions would ultimately come true, as he became the new Champion and claimed the Slusser Cup for himself. Furthermore, his first action as the Champion was to throw the old relic to the trash, taking with him the new Money in the Bank briefcase, ready to cash it in.

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