Eserim is the larger continent to the west of the Sea of Flames


  • The Kingdom of Lundengard - In the human Kingdom of Lundengard, the king is seen as the living embodiment of Phalos, or "the one true God". So to citizens, the King is a god himself. Despite the harsh rule of the Order of Light, Lundengard has thrived economically. The chief reason for this prosperity is that other kingdoms are afraid of their substantial military might so Lundengard has been able to negotiate favorable trade with other races. The home town of Yogalla the Wizard and his cat Zhi Zhi.
  • Kalveid - The name of the halfing kingdom in Eserim.
  • Great Forest of Ralanpost - A giant oak forest located on the southern tip of Eserim, inhabited by dwarves and trolls.
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