In the world of Etros, there are two continents, Eserim and Bul'vach. These two lands operate very differently from one another. The civilized races that live in Eserim include humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, and dragonborn. All of the races have kingdoms of various sizes and these kingdoms have some form of political process. It's unknown how many races are in Bul'vach, but there are virtually no kingdoms. Instead, there are tribal groups each with their own power structure and they often move from place to place. These tribes are sometimes racially mixed. Much of Bul'vach is barren, so fertile land is highly prized and almost always fought over.
The denizens of Bul'vach are so busy fighting over land that they've never attempted to visit Eserim. Some do trade with Eserim merchants who make the treacherous journey across the Sea of Flames and these merchants are the chief source of information about Bul'vach.
For hundreds of years, the two continents existed in relative peace, until recently...

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