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Lars was a gruff former knight who struggled with alcoholism, often stinking of cheap ale.[1][2] He was part of The Gilded Dawn.[3]


As a knight of Lundengard, Lars was among those who fought in the infamous Battle of Kalveid. Afterward, he lost faith in the kingdom and was enlisted in The Gilded Dawn by his close friend and fellow knight, Virion Malkant, where he was given manual labor and transportation duties.[3]

Recent Events

As part of his duties with The Gilded Dawn, Lars was responsible for transporting adventurers Therese Brightwood, Law, Yogalla Satarius, and Necator through Illdwyn Forest to Hethensberg.[4] He was killed by an arrow to the back of the head when he and the travelling party were ambushed by Nightingales.[5] After his death, it was discovered to everyone's dismay that he had grain.


Lars was portly and unsightly, though his strong jaw suggested he may once have been handsome. He had long and greasy hair, as well as patchy facial hair. He was missing his left eye and had yellow, widely spaced teeth. He wore simple clothes which had grown filthy, ragged, and smelly. He had the look of a man defeated.[1][3]