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Virion Malkant is the founder and current leader of The Gilded Dawn.


Virion is a highly-skilled fighter. Level-headed and driven by a strong moral code, he believes that a man's social standing does not determine his quality.[1] Though beloved by many, there are those within The Gilded Dawn who believe him to be too idealistic and soft-hearted to lead the order in a time of war.[2]


Born to a dairy farmer and his wife, Virion was encouraged growing up to strive for a future beyond the humble life of a farmer. When he decided that he wanted to be a knight, his father scrimped and saved so he could afford a sword from the local blacksmith. It was this upbringing which instilled in him the beliefs and moral code for which he would eventually be known.[3]

As a knight of Lundengard, Virion fought alongside Lars in the Battle of Kalveid. Disgusted and outraged by King Berac's misuse of the Order of Light and the carnage that followed, he founded The Gilded Dawn to avenge his fallen brothers by overthrowing King Berac and defeating the Nightingales.[4][5]