The Busted Trifecta is a long-form narrative show created by Don Casanova, which takes place within the world of Tecmo's 1998 horse-racing game Gallop Racer for the original PlayStation. It follows a man known as The Rider, who decides to give up his well paying job in order to follow his dream of becoming a world famous horse racer.

The series premiered on March 19, 2018, during the Easy Allies in Concert: Revengance live show. The final episode premiered on August 2, 2019 alongside a full feature movie edit of the show including all 7 episodes.


  • Don Casanova as The Rider: The aspiring jockey who just wants to make it big in the horse-racing industry.
  • Daniel Bloodworth as Rascal Beaumont: The "horse middleman", who gets The Rider everything horse related he needs.
  • Brandon Jones as Buster Hilt: The Rider's right-hand man. He is a loud, gregarious man who takes care of and trains The Rider's horse.
  • Bradley Ellis as Spencer Nogales: The owner of the pawn shop that The Rider goes to at the very start of his horse-riding career.
  • Ben Moore as Pen Bowie: An odds-maker for horse-races. He is the one who says which horse has the likeliest chance of winning, influencing the betting that takes place.
  • Michael Damiani as Hillary Getty: The main rival to The Rider. He is a fellow horse owner who will do anything it takes to make the races work in his favor.
  • Michael Huber as Hampton Motley (The Phantom Jockey)
  • Kyle Bosman as Creak Dobson: A former companion to The Rider. He originally believed that The Rider would never achieve success, but as time goes on he begins to see the error in his judgement.
  • Isla Hinck as The Oracle


BustedTrifectaEp1.jpg Episode 1 – Liquefy your assets and saddle up for this premiere episode! (March 22, 2018)
BustedTrifectaEp2.jpg Episode 2 – Our young brash Rider crosses paths with the equestrian king. (May 3, 2018)
BustedTrifectaEp3.jpg Episode 3 – After taking his first win, the Rider rubs elbows with the upper echelon. Fore! (May 31, 2018)
BustedTrifectaEp4.jpg Episode 4 – Will hobnobbing with Getty lead to friendship or friction? (Jan 9, 2019)
BustedTrifectaEp5.jpg Episode 5 – After blazing a fast trail to a series of wins, a shadow is cast over the Rider. (Jan 14, 2019)
BustedTrifectaEp6.jpg Episode 6 – Without Buster, the Rider struggles to salvage his season. (Jan 21, 2019)
BustedTrifectaEp7.jpg Episode 7 – The Rider seeks out the Oracle. (Aug 2, 2019)
BustedTrifectaMovie.jpg A gambler pursues his dreams of becoming a race horse owner and rider. This is the full length movie including all 7 episodes. (Aug 2, 2019)

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