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The Gen That Was is a series where host Ben Moore and a rotating panel take a look back on the lifespan of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on a year by year basis, with each episode covering a specific year. The show takes a conversational approach alongside accompanying b-roll and gameplay footage.

The show first premiered to the public on October 19, 2020 during the week-long Patron Party 2020 event. All subsequent episodes were made available to $1 and up patrons one week early and then released to the public.

The show was initially produced on a biweekly basis in order to accommodate both the show as well as next-gen coverage and major reviews coming up. The final episode of The Gen That Was premiered for Patrons on March 19, 2021 and went public a week later during EZX Digital '21.


Each episode is split into three parts.

  1. A snapshot of events is provided to give context for each particular year.
  2. Five games are selected for the panel to discuss in greater detail.
  3. One of the five games discussed is played, challenging their memories and opinions of the title.


TheGenThatWas.jpg 2013 – A look back on how Sony and Microsoft's E3 announcements set the pace for the entire generation. Then they examine some of the standout games that launch with both machines. (October 19, 2020)


TheGenThatWas2014.png 2014 – EZA continues looking back at The Gen That Was with a 2014 episode. It’s a year of bold ideas and big disappointments. (November 4, 2020)


TheGenThatWas2015.jpg 2015 – This year contains some of the best games and best memories of the last generation of consoles. (November 18, 2020)


TheGenThatWas2016.jpeg 2016 – The year 2016 had plenty of massive games and very strong opinions among the allies to accompany them. (December 2, 2020)


TheGenThatWas2017.jpeg 2017 – On a new episode of The Gen That Was, 2017 once again shows why it will have a place in our hearts forever. (December 30, 2020)


TheGenThatWas2018.jpeg 2018 – 2018 is almost a nonstop ride of high quality, which makes it especially fun to reflect on in The Gen That Was. (January 21, 2021)


TheGenThatWas2019.jpeg 2019 – 2019 was a big year for games, some of which had us rattled with excitement. (February 10, 2021)


TheGenThatWas2020.jpeg 2020 – For the final episode of The Gen That Was, Ben sits down for intimate interviews with each of the Allies, discussing one of their favorite games of the year. (March 19, 2021)

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