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The Occasional Board Game Show is a series created by Isla Hinck where fellow Allies and friends occasionally play board games together. At least once every three months, they try to get together, learn the rules, and shoot a play session together. Sofia Hariz has handled technical direction for the Studio episodes.


The show was first announced during the Phase 4 announcements on August 13, 2019 and premiered six weeks later on October 2.

For episodes 2-4, all three games were played in the same session. Bloodworth was originally scheduled to film in place of Jack Covell but could not make it due to travel issues with the wildfires in Los Angeles.

The show went on hiatus in March 2020 due to the global pandemic but made its return on July 30, 2020 playing digital board games remotely.


The following board games have been featured to date along with the hosting Ally and players.

# Game Type Date Host Additional Players
1 Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger Card Game Oct 2, 2019 Isla Hinck Damiani & Huber
2 The Shipwreck Arcana Card Game Nov 4, 2019 Isla Hinck Jason Wishnov (Iridium Studios) & Jack Covell (Heart Machine)
3 Quantum Dice Game Dec 2, 2019 Isla Hinck Jason Wishnov (Iridium Studios) & Jack Covell (Heart Machine)
4 Skull Card Game Dec 20, 2019 Isla Hinck Jason Wishnov (Iridium Studios) & Jack Covell (Heart Machine)
5 Resident Evil 2: The Board Game Board Game Feb 5, 2020 Michael Huber Ben, Isla, & Bloodworth
6 Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics Video Game Jul 30, 2020 Isla Hinck Ben & SilentConsonant (EZA Twitch Moderator)
7 Wingspan Digital Board Game Sep 10, 2020 Isla Hinck Bloodworth
8 Armello Digital Board Game Oct 2, 2020 Isla Hinck Ben, Brad, & Bloodworth
9 Poker Club Digital Card Game Jun 11, 2021 Michael Huber Don, Damiani, & Isla

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