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Trash Babies is a Patreon-exclusive limited monthly series where the Allies play a game with an average Metacritic score of 60 or below and decide whether to Trash It or Treasure It. The show features each game in a cut down format with opinions and analysis.

$15 and up Patrons are able to submit candidates for Trash Babies each month with episodes exclusive to all Patrons. The show officially debuted on July 19, 2021.


Each month, $15 and up Patrons suggest possible candidates for Trash Babies that meet the 60 or below Metacritic score requirement. Once a game is selected, the four Allies featured in the episode each receive eight minutes to play and evaluate the game. After the Allies have played the game for the allotted 32 total minutes, they each have to give an individual evaluation of either Trash It or Treasure It.


Trash Babies was first announced on March 22, 2021 during EZX Digital '21[1] and was initially pitched as similar to the final segment of the console generation retrospective show, The Gen That Was. They plan on using Trash Babies as a test for using the show's format for other shows and themes.

On July 19, 2021, Easy Allies posted a teaser video of the show's intro/outro and theme song with vocals by singer, composer, music producer and YouTuber Endigo.[2] The series premiered on Patreon later the same day.

Easy Allies streamed three special live episodes of Trash Babies on September 4, 2021 during Easy Chillin'.

In the Glover episode of Trash Babies, Jones was originally set to appear but couldn't make it due to a scheduling conflict. The other three Allies each received 10'16" to play instead to make up for it.


Episode # Game Genre Platform Metacritic Score Allies
1 Vroom in the Night Sky Magical Bike Action Nintendo Switch 17 Huber, Isla, Brad, & Damiani
2 Frogger: The Great Quest 3D Platformer PlayStation 2 32 Damiani, Brad, Isla, & Huber
3 Chulip Adventure Life Sim PlayStation 2 57 Blood, Don, Isla, & Jones
4 EOE: Eve of Extinction Beat Em Up PlayStation 2 57 Jones, Isla, Don, & Blood
5 Best Friend Forever Adventure Visual Novel Nintendo Switch 60 Don, Isla, Jones, & Blood
6 Ride to Hell: Retribution Action-Adventure Xbox 360 19 Blood, Isla, Ben, & Don
7 Jurassic Park: Trespasser Action-Adventure PC N/R

(User Score: 6.9/10)

Don, Isla, Blood, & Ben
8 Glover 3D Platformer Nintendo 64 N/R

(70.05% on GameRankings)

Blood, Isla, & Brad
9 GoldenEye: Rogue Agent First-Person Shooter GameCube 60 Jones, Isla, Blood, Brad


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