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Welcome To My Trick was a game idea by Kyle during the Easy Allies Podcast segment, "Pitch It or Ditch It". The phrase would continue to live on as a representation of the idea in other games and media.


During Easy Allies Podcast #141 - 12/5/18, a new edition of the "Pitch It or Ditch It" segment was presented. In the segment, the podcast panelists are powerful game executives and the Patreon contributor is given an elevator ride to submit a game idea. The panel can then choose to "pitch it" to hear more, "ditch it" if they think it's a bad idea, or "ship it" if they want to greenlight the project. The idea being pitched was that DICE ditches Star Wars Battlefront II and instead creates a Star Wars battle royale free-to-play experience.

Kyle iterated upon this idea by coming up with a more anime-style battle royale experience where you have your own room and other players have to enter your "trick" and solve it to kill the other player. After much confusion from Jones, Huber, Brad, and Isla, they started understanding the game idea and began adding new layers to the pitch.

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