Zelda Talk was a podcast hosted by Michael Damiani which featured in-depth discussion about The Legend of Zelda.

In each episode, he was joined by fellow Allies and special guests to discuss topics ranging from Breath of the Wild spoiler discussions to how the series could improve its storytelling.


Below is a list of topics discussed along with the featured guests.

Topic Featured Guests
Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass Discussion
  • Matt Simmons (YoVideoGames)
Better Storytelling in Zelda (Spoiler Warning)
  • Matt Simmons (YoVideoGames)
Spotlight on Zelda Universe
  • Owner Jason Rappaport (Zelda Universe)
  • Head of Guides and Zelda Wiki Joshua Lindquist (Zelda Universe)
What's Wrong with amiibos in Breath of the Wild?
Breath of the Wild Soundtrack and Voice Acting
Oracle of Ages Choose Your Own Adventure
Breath of the Wild Spoiler Discussion
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